Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My New Husband and Other News

The Cuteness asked me to marry him the other day....and I accepted. How could I not? He's the most qualified 6 year old I know, not to mention he is cute.

He's been really into kings, queens, princes, princesses, etc. and how all that works. We don't know why. I've had kind of a hard time explaining how a king can marry a woman and that would make her a queen, or how a prince becomes a king after his father dies. He really is getting into it. So, of course, he is the king but wanted to make sure I became the queen and the only way to ensure that was through marriage; he had no choice.

It was a simple ceremony that took place in Alex's room, with only our closest friends in attendance (namely, Bob, his imaginary friend and a couple stuffed animals). First he asked me to give him my ring, so I took off my wedding ring and gave it to him. Next he gave it back to me and said, "We are now married." He gave me a quick kiss and that was it. Now I am Queen.

Martin is the prince, Olivia is the princess and Alex is the gardener (I think he means guard, but I didn't push the issue). After the ceremony we went house-hunting and found a lovely abode in the family room. He now calls me "Wife" and I am to refer to him as "King" and/or "Husband." Where do kids come up with this stuff?

Also, Isaac has just learned to read. Seriously, a light just turned on and he could read. He isn't fast and doesn't always get the words, but he understands how the phonetics go together and is learning to sound things out. He read his first book last night. It was the book, "Pals are Pals," which I highly recommend (it has something for everyone: suspense, intrigue, good vs. evil). He was really happy and proud of himself as was his mother. He is indeed growing up!

Olivia has been reading the Harry Potter Series now for about 2 months (maybe longer, I'm not sure). Her goal has been to finish the books up to the 6th so that she could see the movie after she had read the book. No small feet for a 10 year old. Well, today she is almost finished with the 5th and is about to start the 6th. She only has 2 more days left, but I've learned not to count her out yet. She surprises me sometimes.

Alex just returned from his first (and last, so he says) 50-miler. He said he had a good time, that it was hard, he thought he'd die at some point and that he feels good that he finished it. Their group actually finished the hike one day early! They had to endure all kinds of odd weather, including, hail, snow, rain, and sleet. He hasn't stopped eating since he returned home. Apparently, he was extremely food-deprived :). I will post some photos his Scout Leader took of the hike later. Thanks for the pictures, Paul! And I have to say 'thank you' to the other leaders who planned and took on this great responsibility. What an amazing act of service! The boys had a time they will never forget.

So, other than my new husband, everything is pretty much the same old same old around here. We are happy and looking forward to going to Utah in the next week to spend time with our families. Hope everyone else is doing well!!