Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving and a Little Christmas

My sister Lesa and her family came all the way from sunny Plain City, Utah to spend Thanksgiving with the coolest people she could think of: namely, us. I know it's hard to believe. I mean it's only been 13 years since she last visited. Of course, 13 year ago we lived at the University of Utah student housing apartments. Alex was 1. Yes, I'm serious. She has NEVER been to Seattle to visit her favorite sister. I'm not mad...really. I'm not. Why should I be?

We had so much fun hosting Thanksgiving this year and, if I do say so myself, it was my best feast ever. It was ta-a-sty! I'm getting used to the whole cooking a turkey/items that go along with the turkey. It's not even stressful any more. However, I'm not suggesting that I'm the best cook. It's just this meal I got down, people. Did I get any pictures of this meal...I mean do I have any proof that it even existed? All I have is word of mouth. Ask Lesa, Jeff or Martin and they'll tell you. It was good...the end. And I haven't cooked since. The way I see it is that I racked up enough points to be good to the end of February (this doesn't include the occasional pan of mac and cheese and fish-sticks).

The only pictures I got of us were on top of the Space Needle. See, the thing about a first-time visitor is that they require the obligatory touristy stuff, but we didn't mind. The Wiser's had only a couple of days with us before they had to head home so we spent the Friday after Thanksgiving 500 feet in the air eating a very expensive, albeit delicious meal. I think Martin and I are still in sticker shock from that one. That's what we get for sitting at a different table from the kids. They ordered whatever they wanted including the $9 scoop of ice cream that comes out in a smoking bowl of dry ice. Wow.
After dinner we did the Aquarium. I was disappointed. I'm sorry to say this, Seattle, but the aquarium did not add up to the hype. It's been years since I was last there and I was hoping it would be better. But we had fun, especially when we, get this: purposefully lost Jeff and Lesa and their kids driving home. There is nothing like a good dose of "lost" to top off a vacation. Am I right, sis.? HA!

Saturday afternoon the Wiser's headed home and we were pretty sad. Carson, Isaac's "favoritest" cousin, who fed Isaac a constant stream of sword fighting and wrestling, was gone and the tears on Isaac's face proved it. So we decided to head to the movies to drown our sorrows in burnt popcorn and bad acting. I promised the kids we'd see "A Christmas Carol." I was very pleasantly surprised. The movie was in a word AWESOME. I was worried because a certain young woman, who will remain nameless, said it was "stupid." Quite the opposite is true. I enjoyed the animation, the 3D, the characters and was happy to see they stuck close to the story. It was the way I pictured the story in my head almost exactly. They didn't make it too goofy or use a lot of stupid cliche' humor. They even stuck to the original old English language. I liked Jim Carey's acting as well. Here's a picture of the kids with their 3D glasses on (check out Livi's wild hair) eating their pizza.

All in all we had a great weekend. We continue to be grateful that Perdi didn't eat Lesa's punk-a** dog, Holly. Thanks for making me laugh the hardest I have in a while, Jeff, and thanks to Jeff, Lesa, Maddi and Carson for coming 12 hours in the car to be with us on Thanksgiving. We all had a super time and we won't soon forget it!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Halloween '09

This Halloween was kind of drag for the kids. It's too bad because they had awesome costumes...all thought of by themselves. Isaac wanted to be Mario, who is his favorite hero of late. He has several DS Mario games. It's funny what I can get him to do by bribing him with a new Mario game. I've gotten him to read hundreds of books to me this way, when before he wasn't motivated at all. All I have to say about that is: God bless Mario! Isaac was sick the day before Halloween and so he wasn't able to go to his class Halloween party. It was so sad, but he was brave. His favorite part of his costume was his "fat."

Super Mario

Unfortunately, Olivia missed her class Halloween party too due to some hi jinx in her classroom that day (none of them her fault). She came home from school so depressed and upset. It made me sad as well because this was her last year to celebrate Halloween at school. I think she made up for it with her buddies trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. It was her first year to go sans parents and I think she enjoyed the company of her friends Zoe, Lexi and Sofi (all those names end with the same sound...). She came up with the idea of dressing like Hermione (her ultimate hero) but with the twist of being Hermione after she drank the poly juice potion. That's so Olivia.

Alex had a great time at a party of friend. (first boy/girl party, I might add). He dressed up like Spock this year (Aunt Jenny and Amy should be so proud). He refused the pointed ears, though. He thinks his ears already stick out enough. He also refused his mother doing anything to his hair. I was lucky to get him to wear the costume. He can't stand me touching his hair and/or body.