Monday, May 2, 2011

Alex's Birthday and Reinventing myself

 Alex turned 15 on March the 15th (again, his golden birthday).  Our dear friends Adam and Crystal Zurligen  made this cake for him and I thought it was the sweetest thing ever.  Not only that, but it tasted delish!!!  Carrot cake is Alex's fav so that's what the field was and the baseball was white cake for the kids (who prefer white cake).  I was touched that our friends would do that for us.  It was a fun night and Alex really felt spoiled, I think.   He also got a basketball hoop for the trampoline, which he spends every waking moment on, unless he's playing baseball :).
Adam presenting the work of art

So my fifteen year old is growing up and I'm falling behind in keeping up with him.  He started baseball recently, is on two teams and is busy as could be.  Oh, he also has maintained his honor roll status and recently finished learning a song on the piano that is, in my opinion, very difficult.  It took him most of the year, but hey, it was worth it, and is beautiful.  He is also playing the guitar and has quite a bit of talent.  He is always writing songs and coming up with new things to play on both instruments.  He is the light of my life.   My first born and my dear friend.  He is a teenager, so don't get me wrong, we have our tiffs, but this kid is a dream!  He starts drivers ed in a few months (once baseball is over) and is excited to drive...his mom is excited too, I must say.  I will be happy when he can drive himself to all these practices!

All of us on Alex's birthday (except me--someone needed to take the picture!)

Crystal and little Radley having bouncing fun on the trampoline.

My sweet friend Crystal, who knows way too much about me for how little we've known each other.  She tolerates me well,  and beautiful boy Radley.

So what's new with "Reinventing myself" you ask????  WELL.....I have taken up quilting.  I got a fabulous new sewing machine from a sweet undisclosed source and took some lessons.  I love doing the quilting and have already finished 3 pieced tops.  It's very fun and lets me be creative.
A quilt I made for a friend's new baby.  It turned out okay, but it was hard to sew on flannel that thin!!!

My first quilt I started at my class.  I wish you could see the print of the fabric.  It's all birds and bird-related it's beautiful if I say so myself.

What else is new this last few months?? Well, I have started to swim a lot.  I am at the pool almost every day and I'm trying desperately to teach myself to know, the "real" way with breathing and the whole bit.  It's something I've never been able to do.  I'm getting better.  I usually just use the kick board a lot and snorkel, but I can feel my lungs getting stronger, not to mention my legs and arms.  It's something I look forward to everyday.

One more new thing is that Martin and I have almost completely got our adoption work started and going.  We haven't got an agency officially but have done our home study through LDS Social Services.  It's taken a lot of paper work and a lot of classes and a lot of fingerprinting down at the police station (which is the closest I hope to ever get).  It has been an eye opener.  The classes especially have been fun and we have learned a ton.  So how do we adopt without an agency?  Well, if we get a designated adoption we would be allowed to go through LDS, but otherwise we might be paying some major bucks, but it's worth it.  We hope to be ready to start with our adoption blog and pass out cards (yes, they have pass along cards for adoption) and hopefully putting a profile on "Parent profiles."  So look for that coming up.  In the mean time word of mouth is our best friend.  If you have any leads for a birth mother who is looking for a loving family to adopt please pass on our name and even this blog.

We love you all and hope everyone is doing well!!