Monday, January 26, 2009

Just a cute moment

Martin and I came home a couple of weeks ago and found Olivia and Isaac asleep on our bed together. It was really sweet.
It's kind of funny. When we go out Alex is always there, but it's Olivia that gets Isaac's jammies on and cares for him. Alex rarely even sees them. But he's there in case of an accident. He's quicker at dialing 911:).

Friday, January 23, 2009

More Random Things

I did 25 Random Things because I was tagged on Facebook. Since nobody but one person (Tonii) in my family is on Facebook I wanted to post them here too. Also, I thought of many other random things to add. So lucky for you, you all get to see them here:

25 Random things"Rules: read, enjoy, then have a merry day. OR the original Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you. -- choose the rule you like best

1. I do NOT like to cook. It is my least favorite thing to do. I'd rather clean toilets and floors.

2. I LOVE to exercise. I am happiest when I spend some time at the gym. I think this annoys many people. I know it annoys me when people tell me they love to eat healthy. That I cannot imagine.

3. I used to teach aerobics and weight resistance classes.

4. Being pregnant destroyed my body in so many fascinating and somewhat disgusting ways..but having children healed my soul.

5. I am a clean and organization freak. I admit it. I drive my family crazy.

6. Someday I will learn to tap dance, and I will be GOOD.

7. I don't travel well. I prefer to be in my bed in my home with my people around me. If I ever leave the country it will be only at the insistence of my husband and only to Italy.

8. I grew up on a farm. My parents owned a dairy farm at one point. When they had the dairy I got to help feed some of the calves with bottles. The bottles were huge, but it was fun and they were very cute. My parents sold the dairy because it turned out my dad was partial to "scratching the dirt."

9. I am not by nature outgoing. Social situations cause me great anxiety and so I often close myself off from the world. Martin is the same way and so we are well-suited to each other!

10. I rock at Scrabble! This is the only game I can beat Martin at so it's the only one I play.

11. Every step I take causes me pain in my feet--every last, miserable step. But I am getting better and would love to one day have well enough feet to do WHATEVER I wanted.

12. I can be pretty stubborn.

13. My first car was a rust color '74 Buick Skylark. I know--H.O.T.! It was a boat, but my parents thought if I got into a crash it would protect me because of its hugeness. They bought it from my brother in law's uncle who happens to be Pres. Wiser's brother (for those who know him).

14. I have never gotten a ticket. People keep saying, "If you say that, you'll for sure get one." But they've been saying that for years and still I never get pulled over. I am an awesome driver.

15. I come from a family of 5 girls and 1 boy and Martin comes from a family of 5 girls and 1 boy.
16. I am not a big movie fan. Sometimes I go to movies with the family and I will literally be in pain because I'm so bored. I have to really want to see a movie to go. I also don't much like TV unless it's old sit-coms like "I Love Lucy."

17. I drive Martin and the kids crazy because before we can do anything fun I always make sure we finish our work first. I must have learned that from my mom. I don't think it's necessarily a good thing and I've recently tried to let go on things.

18. The best advice ever given to me was by my 5 year old nephew, Dallon who told me to "man-up, woman" when I thought I couldn't do something.

19. For me, High School was a hellish blur I don't care to ever revisit.

20. I think the best way to get to know somebody is to hear what songs are on their playlist.

21. I grew up in Utah where there is tons of snow, but I have never been skiing.

22. Martin is the wisest, sweetest, kindest most genuine person I ever met and I feel absolutely blessed to be his "other half." He is my best friend and greatest blessing and has been for 15 years.

23. I love dogs. They make me laugh all the time. I just look at them and I laugh. They're kind of like people. However, I own two cats because dogs are too messy.

24. I don't do well in stressful situations. If you come to me a bloody mess because of an accident you've been in I'll most likely yell at you and ask you, "Why weren't you more careful?!!," but only if blood is involved or broken bones. I guess that's why it's a good thing my kids have never needed stitches.

25. I was a gymnast when I was younger and I'm still pretty flexible. I can still do flips and ariels on the trampoline and I can still do the splits.


26. Some of my favorite people share the name "Jen." Jen Higley Lynch-my late sister and person who made me laugh the hardest, Jen Polson Vesper-my best friend since infancy and person who set Martin and me up, and my new pal Jen Chavez Hartman who, among other things, is my Serotonin re-uptake inhibitor sister, and newest friend.

27. My favorite place on the earth, where I feel the most peace is Lake Powell. I have incredible memories of summers gone by, relaxing in the cool waters, watching the canyons pass, and sleeping under a star-filled sky.

28. I have an irrational fear of frogs, toads, snakes and lizards. Is there a phobia named after that?

29. I love Diet Coke. Yep, it's an addiction, but I'm off it starting now....

30. The strongest person I've ever met is my Mom. Through all she's been through I'm amazed at what she continues to accomplish on a daily basis. She's my hero. (She also has always looked 10 years younger than her true age. It bothered my oldest sister, who had to frequently inform boys her same age that the cute girl she was sitting next to was her MOM)

31. No one in my immediate family has ever had stitches or broken bones...that's all 5 of us and not including surgical sutures or stitches.

32. I sang in the school choir for 8 years and loved almost every minute. It was the one thing in High School I truly enjoyed. I loved doing 8 part harmonies that made me feel united with other people in a way that no other words or expressions could convey. I miss that.

33. I am a refined sugar junkie. I love cookies, cakes, pastries, donuts, etc., etc. I still crave the Napoleons that I had in French club in High School and wish I could find something similar here.

34. I wouldn't necessarily categorize myself as graceful, but I rarely fall, bump into things or hurt myself, never have. I guess I'm not much of a clutz or I have good balance or something like that.

35. I can hold it and not go to the bathroom for literally hours. It's gotten worse with child birth, but my Mom used to say I had a cast-iron bladder. I guess I get busy and don't think about it. TMI???

36. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. A teacher? A physical trainer? A librarian? A writer? I have no idea, there's too many choices.

37. Alex, Olivia and Isaac all start with vowels and Martin and I didn't plan it.

38. I have always had a testimony of Jesus Christ and his church. I don't ever remember doubting it so I never was tempted to go another way. I don't know why, but it's true.

39. I wish I had a time machine. I wouldn't change anything important or significant. I'd just like to tweek a few things I've done to cause less sorrow for other people or myself.

40. I am grateful my parents brought me up the way they did. I appreciate it more now that I'm a parent. I feel like I'll never be able to measure up to the standard they set and I feel bad for my kids. But I'm trying to do better.

41. Okay, now I'm really off Diet Coke.....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Perdita aka Perdi

This is our new family member. Perdita was chosen for her name because Brenda, the friend who gave us the kitten, called her Perdi as in Pretty and the name has stuck. But the kids and I liked the idea of naming her Perdita after the dog in "101 Dalmatians," one of our favorite shows. "Perdita" means "lost one" in Italian and Perdi, though not lost in the literal sense, runs around the house like she has lost a bit of her mind!

We love her and think she is the prettiest cat we have ever seen. She is Himalayan and has beautiful markings. Unfortunately, she and Tinker have yet to find some common ground. Tinker spends most of the day hissing at Perdi whenever she is in the room. Perdi, on the other hand, is not too scared of Tinker, because she grew up in a house full of cats. She also hasn't got enough sense to stay out of Tinker's way. Tinker will occasionally take swipes at her, but I think Perdi is wearing her down. We'll see!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Big Fat New Purse

Yeah, that's right. I got a new purse and it is HUGE. Martin took me shopping Monday because he didn't want to go right back to work after a vacation. He is too attached to me, what can I say? So, we went to eat lunch at the Cheesecake Factory (eat your heart out, Lisa) and then went shopping. Let me tell you a secret: Martin doesn't like to shop. That is a slight understatement. The poor guy gets physically ill in a mall, and worse, he will literally go comatose in a home decor store like Pier 1 or Pottery Barn, or my favorite the dreaded Quilted Bear. Even though Martin hates to shop, if he has a purpose, or a "mission" he is okay. So Monday's mission. . . . a new purse for me.

We looked as long as I could stand it (standing around a mall--my-feety-no-likey) and found nothing. They were all either too glittery, too big, too small, too bright, to blinged out, too expensive or too hobo-ish. Finally, we found a great store called "Aldo" at Belle-Square that sells shoes and bags and found a few that I really liked. They were pretty normal--neutral, like me. Then I saw it. The mother of all purses. It was greenish turquoise (my signature color) patent leather (or at least patent vinyl) and it was HUGE. I don't normally like huge purses but how can you say no to all those pockets? Seriously, I have a pocket for my phone, my camera, my wallet, my check book, my book, my schedule, my keys, and makeup/girl stuff and I have three EXTRA pockets. I almost put it back, excusing myself from being too presumptuous and out of character, but Martin convinced me it was HOT. So, I bought it. I look at it now, lying there on the floor, and it brings visions of happiness to my mind--you know, like fairies, butterflies, and dragonflies. However, I still can't get over it's gigantic-ness. I hope I can get used to this thing. It feels like I should be going on a long voyage when I carry it around.
I tried posting a picture of my bag, but it was too sorry looking to put here. Way too small. So if you want to see it go to this link and zoom in A LOT to get the full effect:
See ya

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year, See Ya Next Year Christmas!

We had such a fun time in Utah this year. We are home now, unpacked and relaxing while it snows outside. It seems we got home just in time to miss the snowy passes! Here's some highlights from our annual trip Home:

1. I got to spend a ton of time with my nieces Erin and Phoenix and they actually wanted to spend time with their Aunt Heather. The two of them are such a pair, but totally different in many ways. I see Jenny in Erin when I just glance at her or hear her laugh. Her beautiful big blue eyes and long blond hair are the same as Jenny's at age 4. I see Jenny in Phoenix a little differently. I think it's her temperament that is so much like her mom. If she doesn't want to do something (like change into her jammies) she ain't doin' it--and you will NOT make her.

2. The annual Higley Christmas Eve party. I ate and ate and ate. I also ate, and boy was it good. Spiral cut ham, funeral potatoes (we've decided we hate that name--maybe just "yummy potatoes" is better) and turkey. We always have a talent show during the party and I usually have so much fun seeing family members make fools of themselves. Actually, the kids are growing and developing such great fun talents, like singing, dancing and playing the piano. There are also some other "talents" that I have to say belong better in a freak show. . . like bending fingers back in an inhuman way, or making weird noises with body parts, but I digress. My dad always ends the show with playing "Jingle Bells" on his head. No, seriously, he pounds his head and a noise comes out of his mouth in the tune of the song. However, this year he couldn't do it because the day before he had to have Carpal Tunnel surgery. We missed it, Dad!

3. Sledding with Alex, Ariel, Brent, Savannah, Valerie and Isaac (and Yuki the dog). I took the kids up to North Ogden at this park we used to go Ice Blocking in when I was growing up. It was superb sledding condition--ice all the way down.

And, yes, I went down. . . once, but as I was sliding down I realized, with my eyes closed, that killing myself on that stupid sled would not be worth the "fun" I had on it. That, my friends, was a moment of clarity.

4. Seeing and holding my niece, Oakley, and being there for her blessing.

5. I also got to see my nephew Bryce who has been in Japan in the Navy. It has been 3 years since I've seen him and it was nice to see him again.

6. The family New Years Eve party. We always do White Elephant gifts and this year Alex got a great one. It was a box of window/bumper stickers with pro Obama sentiments. Somebody got us good!

I also loved seeing all of my family. Thanks everyone for letting us invade your homes and time. I love you all!

There are a lot of other note worthy activities but I don't have pictures for them. But you get the gist. We had a wonderful time. Thanks, Mom, for your hospitality and taking care of us! We love you all!