Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Daughter, the Twelve-Year-Old

I'm a couple of months behind on my blogging.  I regret that but onward and upward, right?

Olivia turned 12 on December 11th, 2010.   She had a great time inviting some close friends to her favorite restaurant, California Pizza Kitchen.  I think they all had a fun time.  I wasn't feeling great but I was so glad that I was able to go and see her with her friends.  I liked seeing how they relate with each other and the differences between their personalities.  That's a fun thing for a mom.

I also remember the day she was born and how happy I was to be over the sickness that had racked my body for nine months but also to see this beautiful, fat little girl that has become the sunshine of my life.  She has always been positive and happy, which is something every family needs!

So, now I have a girl in Young Women's, loves makeup and "her" music.  She keeps growing and that's just bitter sweet for me.  I think I will blink and she'll be graduating, going to college and getting married.  I want it to slow down a bit.  She mentioned to me the other day that she tells me everything.  That was so amazing to hear and I am thankful that she is so patient with a mom who sometimes gives her less than she deserves.

Some cool things about Olivia (the 12-Year-Old Version)

1.  She loves Taylor Swift.
2.  She loves art and being artistic
3.  She is an accomplished pianist and is continuing to gain knowledge and talent in her music
4.  She has a roommate named "Tinker," the cat.  Tinker loves her so much that she lives in Livi's room and never leaves.  Partly, this may be because of the mischievous "other" cat that inhabits our house and torments Tinker.  But with Livi, Tinker finds peace, happiness and contentment.  I know she is grateful to Olivia for that.  I love to see them at night snuggling together while Olivia reads.
5.  Olivia loves kids and babies.  They are drawn to her because she hangs back and lets them come to her.
6.  She is an awesome big and little matter what her brothers say!
7.  She continues to be an "A" student and I never have to remind her to do her homework.  She is a self-starter and responsible.  She really barely needs me.
8.  She recently has left her fear of swimming behind and become confident in the pool, something she has struggled with in the past.
9.  She gives me a hug and says she loves me every night without fail right after she reads her scriptures (she never misses).
10.  She is a planner and a journalist and is always writing something.  She is a talented writer.
11.  She is confident and has much integrity.  Nobody will get her to do anything she doesn't believe in.

Livi got a new haircut over the Christmas break and it's funny how all of a sudden she is this grown-up Young woman.  I love you Livi Bug!