Sunday, August 8, 2010

Independence Day

I've been in Utah now for about 6 weeks. It's been so fun!! I miss home, though. 3 weeks ago Martin had to go home (somebody in this family has to work) and I miss him terribly now too. My Dad is doing better after his stroke and living in a care center for the time being. They are trying to get his body working enough so that he can come home. We hope that time is soon! Poor Mom is being run ragged going back and forth from work to the care center to home for only a few hours at night! Anyone who knows my Mom knows what I'm talking about. In an emergency my Mom is the one to have around...she goes and goes and goes. I'm staying at her house under the pretense of "helping out" at home. But really all I do is mow the lawn with Dad's "farm jazzy" (it is sooooo fun! See picture below) and do a tiny bit of laundry.

Dad's "Farm Jazzy"
This is Dad before his surgery. He's on his way to spray something. He's riding on his only form of transportation for the 6 weeks prior to his knee replacement, his "farm jazzy."

Before Dad's surgery and stroke we got to celebrate the 4th of July. It was actually the 5th of July by the time we celebrated but it was great! The kids had a pool party out on the lawn with their cousins Erin, Phoenix and Oakley.

Later that night we went to the fireworks at Farr West park and I have to say that their fireworks were quite literally the best I've ever seen...sorry, Bellevue and Seattle, but you got nothing on this little city. Here's some pictures of us at the park waiting for the show.
Dad being silly as usual
Phoenix, Livi and Erin snuggling for the fireworks
Maddison and Carson
Oakley excited to see something up in the sky!