Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Why Do I Always Do This?

Every year I think I do this.  I wait until forever before updating my blog when I get home from Utah.  It isn't intentional.  I think I feel like things are too crazy for a while school gets up and going again.  Then I couldn't figure out how to use the new tool bar in the "New Post" section and so I frankly gave up.  Now I'm back and there's lots to talk about so let's get it goin'!
Oakley just prior to her barfing episode

Mindy in her new shirt ready to hike up with Oakley on her back.

The Mount!

Livi and Val stuck together via ear buds!

I realized I didn't finish my posts about the rest of our trip to Utah this summer!  We went to Timpanogas Cave with my sisters Mindy and Amy and their families and we had a really fun time.  It was so warm that day and I'm so miserable in this crummy Seattle weather lately that I just look at these pictures and get cozy!!  But I digress...


Totally breaking the rules and climbing where the Ranger told them specifically not to climb...led by my sister, Amy, the teacher, no less!!


Jordan and Oakley (he's wearing a long sleeved shirt, guys.


Alex up above
Even though the hike was taxing (we sea level folks have less oxygen up in those mountains) it was beautiful and I loved holding Martin's hand while we walked up the trail.  The kids had a great time with each other.  Livi and Valerie had their heads stuck together with their ear buds listening to Taylor Swift songs and singing together as they hiked.  Oakley got sick before we even started out and threw up all over Mindy, which I have to say, was hilarious.  We had to buy Mindy a new shirt, but once we got going up the mountain Oakie-Doo seemed fine and even fell asleep part way up and was asleep all the way through the freezing cold cave!!  Jordan, my 17-year-old nephew hiked up with Oakley on his back most of the way without even breaking a sweat!  Oh, to be that young and in shape again...

The day after this day my Dad had his stroke following his knee surgery.  He's been in the Crestwood Care Center since shortly after that.  I just found out today that my Dad will be coming home in a few weeks!!  I'm so happy he's progressing enough for that to be an option!!  Thanks for those of you have asked and wondered after him.  I appreciate your thoughts and prayers.  It's been hard for the family, especially my parents.  I will write more about what we've been up to later!!  At least this is getting me blogging again!!