Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bull's Eye!

We've had a couple of injuries incurred in the past couple of weeks.  First of all, Isaac and Alex LOVE to wrestle, fight, and generally rough house.  It drives me crazy usually but sometimes it's cute.  Alex is really good and kind to Isaac when they are going at it and so nobody gets hurt.  But sometimes accidents do happen.  Isaac got a knee to the cheek a couple of weeks ago from playing and it bruised up his eye too.  At first when I told him I think he'd have a black eye he was worried that he would be made fun of at school.  But when Alex and Martin told him it was a sign of "manliness" he got really excited.  He then kept asking me hopefully, if it was getting blacker....which it did for a couple of days.
My bull's eye 2 days post-incision
In other news I noticed a bump on the back of my knee a week ago that looked and felt like a giant pimple or ingrown hair.  I didn't think much of it until I kept waking up all night in pain because of it and could barely walk!  The size of said "blemish" had expanded quite a bit and it hurt!   It looked like a gigantic bull's eye--and it kept growing!!  Martin suggested I see the doctor and boy, am I glad I did!  The doctor told me it was an ingrown hair, pimple, or some type of insect bite that had gotten infected...and HOW!  My leg felt like it was on fire.  It felt like it was in my muscle so that every time I bent the leg a little bit it hurt.  (Just so you know you really stretch the skin on the back of your knee when you me).   I got some antibiotics and the doc sent me home with instructions to lay off the leg for a few days.  Well, I already had my workout gear on, and my leg felt alright that morning so I went off to the gym.  Big mistake!  Later, my leg was so swollen I couldn't even bend it.  Flash forward 2 days and I'm in the doctor's office squeezing the very life out of Martin's hand as the doc lanced the sore to relieve some of the fluid.  The oozy stuff just kept on coming out.  It was really disgusting.  She had to really push throughout the sore and cut into the abscess to find all the infection.  I was glad I had my back to the doctor and couldn't see it!  I then had to have a "drain" put in to continue to drain the extra pus.  It is still at this moment draining so much that it runs down my leg if I don't cover it up!  TMI???   It is the grossest, most painful thing ever!  I am so glad I got on those antibiotics as soon as I did or I could have been in real trouble.  I think of the infection my Dad had gotten and how it spread to his knee and I feel very glad that I listened to Martin and got into the doctor as soon as I did.  Dad must have been in so much pain to have had the infection spread to his knee.  I cringe just thinking about it! 

I hope this doesn't make you too sick!  Hahahaha!   It's definitely been a hard week and I hope I can get back to life next week!   Whoo knew a tiny little sore could cause so much trouble?!  It was really miserable.

Monday, November 1, 2010

A Bunch of Muggles on All Hallows Eve

We had so much fun this weekend.  It was Halloween on Sunday, of course, but the weekend was super fun from the beginning of Friday morning to the last trick-or-treater Sunday night.  I can't remember a funner weekend.  And no, it hasn't got anything to do with the fact that I accidentally took my AM medications in the PM and vice-versa.  Did I have more energy?  Yes, but I also slept about 2 hours Friday night.  By the time Saturday night came around I could barely sit up straight.  That's how it goes when you take so many pills that you need a pill sorter (like my 69 year old Dad) to keep your life organized.

I am the room coordinator this year again for Isaac's class (don't ask).  It was awesome fun to get to plan the party for his class.  He has been so excited.
 When that party was over, I hate to say it, but I went home and slept about 3 hours.  I was exhausted!  20 seven year old kids to entertain is not always easy.  How do their teachers do it?

Friday night we did our annual pumpkin cutting adventure.  What can I say?  I was groomed as a master pumpkin cutter by my very own Father.  I didn't get out the chain saw this year, the size of my pumpkin required much less this year.  However, Martin thinks it's funny that I can gut 4 pumpkins in the time it takes him to gut his own.  Jealous????  Yeah, I got skills.

Martin, Alex and Isaac's pumpkins.  Guess which one's Isaac's.

Livi and my pumpkins.  Mine's the tree and Livi, who loves owls, is the owl.

Saturday morning we were off to the big city to the Pacific Science Center to catch the Harry Potter Exhibit.  The kids were so excited they didn't sleep.  I didn't sleep, but that was for another reason...(see above).  We had so much fun waiting in line for the exhibit.  The excitement was thick enough to cut with a knife, especially from Isaac.  It's too bad he was the first one to be severely disappointed!  He was bored within 15 minutes of beginning the tour.  It was a little advanced fan-wise for him.  The other 4 of us were so into it that we looked like complete idiots ooohing and aaahhhing at the different costumes and props.  I am seriously a Harry Potter geek.  I got goose bumps when I saw Professor Dumbledore's dress robes!

Isaac BEFORE his severe disappointment reared its ugly head!

Saturday night we all loaded up and headed off to the trunk or treat at the church.  It was fun and no better place for the kids to get their fill of candy.  You'd think they wouldn't need to get any more, but the next night found them all off collecting more.  It was ridiculous!  Livi's candy weighed 10 pounds (she weighed it).  Now what is she going to do with that much candy???  I guess just be a  kid.  And that's what I felt like this whole weekend.  It was so much fun and we will remember it for a lot of years to come!
Harry Potter, Juan and Livi the Roaring 20's flapper at the trunk or treat!
"Ay, Caramba!"
A bunch of lovely ladies