Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Come on everyone!!

So I know it's only been a week since you all heard about the brain cancer walk, but I have not heard from too many of you!! I know we can do better than that.

I just wanted to let you know some of the plans we have in the works for raising money. First, Amy and I have decided to have a garage sale in which all proceeds will go to the walk. We are hoping some local friends and family will have some items they can donate for this. We are planning on holding the sale when the Talus Community holds their annual sale (the date to come soon). It will be great! So if you have anything you'd like to donate to the cause, comment on this blog! Also, we thought a bake sale might be a fun way to raise some funds. We are thinking we could do the bake sale the same day as the garage sale and have it in the same area. The catch is we'll need some people willing to donate some baked goods (hint, hint). Again, let me know if this sounds at all appealing to you!

Finally, if you are still wondering if you want to walk just let me know and I'll talk you into it!! We need a big team this year! If you aren't able to walk you can just make a contribution (we would be happy if you did).

Here's a bit of what my sister, Mindy wrote about the walk that I'd thought I'd share:

Dear fellow bloggers, we need your help! As you probably all know my sister, Jenny, passed away just over a year ago from brain cancer, leaving behind two darling little girls. Now imagine if you were given a diagnosis of terminal cancer... now imagine it's brain cancer, like my sisters, and you are told that towards the end of your life, you will not be you - as everyone knows you - as the cancer takes over your brain. So the last few months of your life aren't spent holding your children, kissing and hugging them before you pass on. You spend it staring off, unable to speak - even though you want to - you just can't make the words come out (your brain won't let you). You can't feed yourself, or walk, or do any daily functions you should be able to do for yourself, however, you sit and watch your 18 month old do them, all by herself. It's a horrific death, as all cancer is. None of us would want this for themselves or for any of their loved ones and would do anything to make sure it never happens.Well my sister, Heather, and her friend, Amy, are participating in the Brain Cancer Walk in Seattle, Washington where they live. They have set a high goal for themselves, $5,000 in pledges! They would appreciate your help in helping them reach their goal. 100% of all pledges (and even registration fees) goes to support the Center for Advanced Brain Tumor Treatment (CABTT) at the Swedish Neuroscience Institute. When Jenny was going through her treatment it would have been so nice to have had a Neuroscience Institute full of the newest treatments and technology. The Huntsman Cancer Institute was great, much better than what most people have access to, however, it wasn't a neuroscience institute. How great it would have been to have had access to something like that. But the research and the new treatments that they are working on will help all brain cancer patients throughout the world. I understand times are tough and money is short for most of us, but a donation of $5 or $10 (the amount spent for lunch at Wendys or McDonalds) does help and adds up quickly. You can get a pledge form by emailing my sister at or email myself at

Thanks again, everyone! Gold bless you!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Help Us Fight Brain Cancer!!

The following is a letter to invite you to help in the Seattle Brain Cancer walk this year. I am very excited to be doing this again this year! My friend Amy Hansen and I are co-captains and we have set a pretty hefty goal so we really could use all your help!!

If you can't walk with us due to distance or other commitments never can still help!! Just make a donation! Also, remember many employers will match contributions, that is cool! Plus, feel free to pass this on to any friends you may know.

My family and I have been through the whole treatment process with my sister and we did it without a special specific place of treatment. Boy, that would have helped! This new center is top of the line and on the cuttting edge and that is what patients dealing with this disease need.

You would be so surprised how much just $10 or $20 can help. I have learned that it all adds up!

Anyway, here's the letter...and thanks so much for helping!

Dear Friends,

It’s time for the 2nd Annual Seattle Brain Cancer Walk! We hope you’ll join me on Saturday, May 30, 2009 at the Mercer Island High School Track to support the Center for Advanced Brain Tumor Treatment (CABTT) at the Swedish Neuroscience Institute. We are organizing a team, Brain Stormtroopers, for this year’s event. Our team will participate in honor of Jenny Lynch (my sister) and Ken Harris (Amy's dad), and we would love to have you join us to help raise funds for brain cancer research and patient care!

It is very easy to join team Brain Stormtroopers. You can register online at Join our team by selecting Brain Stormtroopers on the sign-up page or you can also register by completing a registration form (let me know if you need one). Please return your paper registration to us by May 15th so I can submit it in time to make the registration deadline. The $25 registration fee includes a great T-shirt as well as food and festivities following the race.

This year, Brain Stormtroopers has set a fundraising goal of $5,000. If you are not able to participate in this year’s race, please consider making a pledge to help support our team with a pledge form. As team captains, we will be responsible for collecting all completed entry forms, fees and pledges (please contact me if you would like a pledge form). Because of generous sponsorship from Swedish Medical Center, 100% of funds raised, including the registration fee and all donations, benefit CABTT. Through groundbreaking research, personalized treatment plans and patient-centered care, CABTT is improving outcomes for patients and working toward an eventual cure for brain cancer.

We hope we can count on your support for the 2009 Seattle Brain Cancer Walk! Together, we can give hope to brain cancer patients and their families. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. I can't wait to see you at this year’s event!

Heather Chamberlain 425-392-4372 and Amy Hansen 425-330-4397
Team Captains

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sans Braces

Hey Everyone!! Olivia got her braces off (-insert hallelujah chorus here-) and we are so excited. But Olivia is especially excited She's turning into quite the mature kid. Uber-husband and I think she looks a lot like her brother Alex now. They both have HUGE teeth. I wish I had the smile they have but I cannot take credit for that. I have small teeth, thanks to years of night grinding. We are unsure where theirs came from. I keep telling them they should both be happy about their beautiful teeth, but they tell me to, "Shut up," or my personal favorite, "Lay off, Mom." I thought compliments were a good thing, what was I thinking?

Here's hoping Isaac doesn't need braces. I don't think we can afford another round. Being a parent is very expensive, anyone else noticed that?