Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mid-Winter Break

The kids got out of school for our annual Mid-Winter Break. I know you all in Utah think that's the funniest name. It is what it is...a stupid break in the middle of the year, around no apparent super-holiday and another reason they drag out school until the end of June. I pretty much hate mid-winter break. The idea of it makes me cry myself to sleep at night. I mean, it's just another holiday in which I have to occupy 3 children who are already ticked off that they aren't going to Hawaii, the Bahamas or Disneyland "like all my other friends." Ugh.

I was sick the whole week. Yep, I woke up Sunday morning with the beginnings of a cold and by Monday, the first official day of the break, I was in the throws of an energy-zapping, nausea-inducing, sore throat week of fun! My poor kids were so nice to me and took such great care of me. They cleaned the house every morning and did pretty much whatever I asked them to. Also, thank the kind Lord for X-Box and TV. They mostly just let me read. What great kids!

On Friday afternoon I promised to take Olivia and Isaac to the park because the weather was beautiful and frankly, they tricked me into it. Here are some pictures of Friday. Alex was at a winter camp out thus, his absence.

We also ended up going back to the park on Saturday where Martin and Alex got to get some of their game on and Livi got to swing...some more.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day is a Happy Day

I heart Valentine's Day. Martin is a romantic and very sweet, especially on Valentine's Day. He has been so disgustingly busy at work these past months that he was feeling guilty that he didn't have time to do anything "special" for Valentines Day. This, apparently, doesn't count for the fact that he got me roses and chocolates, took me out Friday night to dinner and a movie, and plans to take me out to a comedy club this Wednesday, to make up for his lack of attention this week (whatever). I keep telling him that I am not feeling neglected and that he in no way has to "make up" for anything. I don't know what's wrong with him. I mean, what would he do if he was "paying attention to me?" Parade me around on a white horse with a tiara???? Not my style.

I'm not telling you all this so that you will be jealous of me (sorry ladies, my man can deliver). I just want Martin to read this and know that I'm really okay with all the work he's doing and even though he's feeling like he is ignoring me, I understand that his work schedule is crazy right now. So just work hard, babe, and give it your typical 110%! You're going to blow everyone away this year!

Olivia and Martin went to the annual Father/daughter Valentine's dance. They've gone almost every year since Livi was in first grade and they have some great memories. This is her last year to go. 5th grade is the end of the line. Martin was a little bit nervous because O-Daughter-of-Mine usually drags Martin to the dance, waves to a few friends, sits at a table far from the crowd and stares into the distance and flat out refuses to dance or mingle at all. Although that has it's own appeal, Martin insisted Livi promise she would dance this year. She agreed (albeit not too happily).

In my post-dance interview of the couple, Martin indicated that Olivia was like a "whole new girl" this year. Apparently, there was much talking with friends, dancing, mingling and all out-and-out 11-year old frolicking. I'm glad to report Livi got her dance groove on this year and even slow danced with her father. Martin said that he hung out with the dads and talked until the girls required a partner, in which case, the girls would run back to the table to grab their dads and dance with them until the song ended. Then the girls excused their dads to return their table until they were further needed. Luckily, Martin likes the other fathers and they got along great! Funny! I think they both enjoyed the night!

(Livi's hairstlye. She insisted I post it. It's her official new favorite. She's getting too old! Sad)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Christmas and Infertility

Many of you may know that Martin and I have been trying to have a baby for almost 2 years now. It's weird because the other 4 times I've been pregnant literally took less than 2 months. Well, let's just say it's not cool when you feel like you should be doing something (like having a baby) and the Lord (or your body) keeps you waiting and waiting. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to learn from this. I think it may be patience and empathy. I guess things happen on the Lord's timeline, not mine, something I'm learning as it feels I'm being dragged through the months.

I haven't blogged for a while because I got a new camera for Christmas (it's awesome, people) and all my pictures are on there and I'm entirely too lazy to figure out how all that works. I'd rather sit here and watch Criminal Minds for hours on end while I feel like my ovaries are playing ping-pong with my uterus. Sorry for being so graphic, but the drugs I'm on should qualify for torture.

We had a completely awesome Christmas. It was spent here in Seattle and for the first time not in Utah. It was unexpectedly pleasant. I didn't have to pack all our clothes + presents and that was nice. The kids had a great time and got every little thing their hearts desired, and we have the bank statement to prove it. We thought we'd really go all out this year since we didn't have to limit the size of gifts like we usually do (our car is seriously small in the travel aspect). Here's where I share something with you: my kids are a not "I get everything I want" or "get me this or I'll cry" sort of way, but in a good way--whatever that means.
(How the boys spent the entire week of Christmas....playing Wii and X-box)
Martin surprised us with a little trip to Grand Mound, WA (I know it sounds really exotic), which houses the largest indoor water park in the northwest, the day after Christmas. It's called the Great Wolf Lodge and it's like a kids mecca. Pretty cool water park with the gnarliest water slide I have ever been on called the Tornado. It literally drops you into a 5 story funnel while you're sitting in a tube and you just hope you don't fall out and/or hurl. Believe me, one time on that thing and I thought I was going to meet my maker. It was totally AWESOME. The kids refused to ride it, of course, but we had fun anyway. Isaac loved walking across these little lily pads while hanging on to the rope suspended above him. He could barely do it because he was laughing so hard. Everyone thought he was pretty adorable, and rightly so. Alex spent most of his time playing pool basketball (I know that is a huge departure from his usual MO), and Olivia liked the non-stop cotton candy and pretzels. They also had a fun game you can play in the hotel with "magic wands" that takes hours and wears the kids out nicely with a ton of stair climbing.
Oh, and it snowed in the lobby, no lying.

We missed our families a lot this Christmas. It was somewhat lonely, but we enjoyed each other more I think. We aren't sure where we'll be for Christmas next year, as Alex has informed us that he will be requiring snow, and Livi misses her cousin Val. So we'll see what happens.
As for the infertility a word they suck. But I'm hanging in there and learning a lot of things I'm capable of and I like to think I'm getting stronger. Martin says he thinks I am but he's biased.

One more thing of note: We went to this awesome place called Sky High for a family night. It's a big warehouse with trampolines all across the floors and walls. It's like a childhood dream of mine. I was happy to show off to my kiddos as I did back flips and back hand springs for their entertainment and enjoyment. Yes friends, I still got it.

*Admission: I tried to do a double back hand spring (got a little cocky) and landed on my neck which I had to go to the ER for. Don't worry I just strained my trapezius and I'm fine again. Guess I'm not as young (or tiny) as I used to be. But that ain't going to stop me from going again. I have way too much fun.

Sorry for the terrible picture. I have a video of it but I don't know how to post it...soooo.